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Strong winds, heavy rain and lightning are typical in this part of southwest Florida, tornados or at least EF2 tornados not so much. As a community we are assessing the damage after a crazy couple of days when a Strong EF2 tornado swiftly moved through and damaged around 178 structures. This may be a wake up call for many of us to review the terms of our insurance coverage and deductibles. If your policy is like most, it will cover storm damage but maybe specific to individual coverage. Tree damage is likely covered but if you were negligent in removing old dead trees before they were toppled then the claim might not be so black and white. The owner of the tree is not so important when an act of nature is to blame. Tree removal and landscaping is probably not going to be covered in most policies. God bless that there was not loss of life in Cape Coral over this weekend and we pray for everyone involved for a speedy recovery and the southwest Florida lifestyle to return as quickly as possible. For more insurance TIPS


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